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Tomas Kika is an experienced communications, photo and air rescue professional. Specialised in photoreporting and visual story telling he often delivers shots from extreme and demanding actions.

His imaging work made its way to worldwide publishing houses of National Geographic, Vertical magazine, GoPro Artist Programme and many others. Tomas is the author of several short documentary movies and photo exhibitions.

As a certified helicopter and mountain rescuer as well as professional photographer Tomas has been delivering essential images to numerous mountain and air rescue industry leaders.


Through hundreds rescue and training flight hours on and under the board of various helicopter types, Tomas gained precious experience of a helicopter rescue techniques instructor. With mountains being essential field of action he often loves to connect his mountain rescue and artistic skills in the shots from places only hardly to access.



Tomas graduated from photojournalism & communications at Comenius university in Bratislava with further internships in Helsinki, Finnland, as well as USA. While accomplishing his ICAR/CISA helicopter mountain rescue training, he has also completed his emergency rescue medical studies becoming certified paramedic. Tomas is trained European union technical expert for helicopter rescue.

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